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Spaces is a customizable virtual space that redefines how we connect virtually

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We believe

The more conversations the better

Spaces allows attendees to move seamlessly between rooms for easy interaction and collaboration. Rooms can be customized, branded, private or open… you choose.

We believe Virtual events should be:


Easily spin up a custom-branded event, and configure it based on how you want attendees to engage.


With flexible movement between rooms, your attendees can collaborate, interact and engage in a variety of formats at any time… no more swapping Zoom links.


See how your attendees are engaging and interacting at any time, and get reports to see how the event went.


Spaces is integrated directly with Zoom, the world's leading video conferencing platform. Integrating with Zoom means Spaces can scale to any # of attendees and deliver best quality audio and video experience.

Virtual Events

Align mainstage content; breakout sessions; 1:1 meetings; or customized programs through a flexible and personalized event experience.

  • Custom Branding
  • Seamless Breakout Sessions
  • 1:1 Meetings
  • Flexible Networking
  • Full Visibility
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Workshops + Programs

Execute seamless programs that encourage participation and collaboration, not just passive attendance. Some of the may ways to use Spaces:

  • Startup Accelerators
  • Sales Kickoffs
  • Hackathons
  • Design Sprints
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Distributed Teams

Create a workspace that brings your team together. Spaces enables you to quickly collaborate with others without constantly scheduling meetings or trying to find the right link.

  • Dedicated virtual rooms for teams or topics
  • Full visibility into where your team is
  • Seamless ad-hoc collaboration
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“Flawless video and easy interface. Spaces allowed us to transition to virtual and not lose a beat.

It’s enabled us to maintain a camaraderie and collaboration that just would not have been possible with standard zoom meetings.”
Scott Kraege
Managing Director, Techstars Hardtech
Co-Founder & Former CEO at MOBI